If you've ever met with us, especially for a training, you probably heard us say "It's all about relationships!"... Well, it is ! We've developed relationships with groups around the world who have excellent resources to help you understand and/or promote Infant Mental Health, or at least some aspects of it. Here are some of our favorites:


You can hardly be more evidence-based than the Harvard Centre for the Developing Child! They offer excellent resources for service providers and for families (some of them available in multiple languages) on brain development basics, the various sorts of stress, and how to set the foundations for building a resilient, healthy brain.

Zero to Three works from the U.S. to ensure that babies and toddlers benefit from the early connections that are critical to their well-being and development. Their entire website is a mine of useful information.

The Centre is an excellent partner of ours, and we particularly value their expertise in, among other things, community engagement. We especially recommend their parent engagement resource.

The Affiliated Services for Children and Youth and Dr. Jean Clinton in Hamilton, ON have produced short videos about important aspects of the very early years of a child's life:​


The Saskatchewan prevention Institute focusses on reducing the occurrence of disabling conditions in children using primary prevention methods. We like their great trainings on how to have conversations on sensitive topics with families.

The Mehrit Centre aims at promoting and encouraging self-regulation, an important foundation of healthy human development.

best-start-logo.jpgBest Start by Health Nexus is an Ontarian non-profit organization specializing in Maternal and Child Health. For years they have been developping many evidence-based resources for service providers and parents, many of them available in French and other languages.
For example, visit the websites Children See Children Learn, or Healthy Baby Healthy Brain, watch their webinar recording on Parent-Infant/Child Relationships and Children’s Physiological and Developmental Health or browse their many other resources.


The Centre of Excellence for Women's Health in B.C. is a research and knowledge exchange centre focused on sex and gendered approaches to health. It has been leading ground-breaking work for years, in particular in the area of trauma-informed practices. We urge you to peruse their list of publications on this topic!