CPT Back to School

We are pleased to offer our new “Back to School” resource package in support of your work with children, parents and caregivers.

The past year has been exceptionally challenging for us all and families have had much to contend with as a result of the pandemic.  Hopefully Covid-19 will eventually take up less space in all of our lives but until that time we continue to stay focused on the health and well-being of young children, families, and communities.

“Back to School” is always an exciting time of the year for children and parents/caregivers, as well as for educators and the community.  The transition of moving from summer schedules to more structured school/childcare days can be a time of added stress for families.  IEMHP is pleased to share some valuable resources to help you in your work of supporting parents/caregivers and young children during this period of transition as they work to navigate changes and adjustments in healthy and supportive ways.   Additionally, while Covid-19 continues to be a very real concern in all of our lives there is likely an added element of stress present for many children, families and educators.   As such we offer the following tips for you to share with parents/caregivers:
  • Familiarize yourself with the covid protocols and practices at your child’s school/childcare.
  • Have age-appropriate discussions with your child about these practices and expectations.
  • Maintain good communication with your child’s teachers and caregivers, ask questions and keep informed about daily activities.
  • Remember that young children show stress in a variety of ways so ask your child about their day and about their feelings, and watch for any non-verbal cues that they may be struggling such as behaviour changes, acting out etc.
  • Take care of yourself and be aware of your own needs and self-care that will support you in your role as a parent/caregiver.

We hope you will have the opportunity to share these resources with colleagues and the families you are working with.