Current Initiatives

Community Tables

IEMHP has completed 20 tables that document infant and early mental health services in communities, identify opportunity to strengthen and grow services and resources.  Canada’s only documentation of infant and early mental health services. While originally funded by Public Heath Agency of Canada (PHAC), communities are now invited to request this service to convene a table with IEMHP support, but are required to cover the costs.

Nurturing the Seed (NTS)

NTS is a resource any practitioner can use to create a developmental support plan for a child while waiting for more intensive services. Currently, Kids Brain Health Network is funding an evaluation of this resource in 6 Indigenous communities. Part of this work will include the creation of a coaching model to complement the training IEMHP provides communities. Click here to learn more about Nurturing the Seeds.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation(NAN) Infant & Early Mental Health Training Program

IEMHP is entering an agreement with NAN to develop a training program specifically for those working with Indigenous children birth to 6 and their families. 

Certificate Lecture Series on Infant & Early Mental Health

IEMHP creates a 12-15 part lecture series every other year with a faculty of experts in the field on key topics that are foundational to infant and early mental health practice.  Licenses are sold to individuals and/or agencies.  The series can be accessed in person or via we in real time or through an archive for two years. Click here to learn more about the series.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) Collaboration

A memorandum of understanding is being developed to define a formal relationship between IEMHP and the Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health Ontario (CoE).  Building on the collaboration between the two organizations in the past, this will lead to several projects in the upcoming 18 months that will be funded by the CoE but delivered by IEMHP. 

Care Pathways in Infant and Early Mental Health

Care pathways guide children and families to, through and out of care ensuring that they are matched with the best services, at the right time and in the
most appropriate format for the family. In collaboration with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health (CoE), and in partnership with community-based, cross-sectoral groups of professionals, IEMHP coordinates and pilots a series of workshops that focus on services and supports for young children from birth to age 6, and aim at unravelling the care and service pathways that can be developed to support infant and early mental health in these pilot communities.

Alberta Infant Wellness Initiative

IEMHP is under contract to the Alberta government to implement the developmental support planning protocol developed by IEMHP for children under six in the care of child welfare. This project was also part of an evaluation funded by Kids Brain Health Network. 

Expanding Horizons for the Early Years National Institute

Canada’s only conference focused specifically on infant and early mental health, Expanding Horizons for the Early Years happens every other year in Toronto.  Over 3 days this event presents a full day of pre-institute workshops/ symposia, followed by two days filled with keynotes from world renowned experts, and with over 30 different concurrent sessions from practitioners and researchers.  Attendance typically ranges from 400 to 500 delegates. 

The next conference will take place in Toronto and ONLINE, with the theme “Building Competencies, Confidence & Capacity”, April 27 – 29, 2022 .
Stay tuned!