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Upcoming IMHP Workshops

IMHP Workshops hosted at the Hospital for Sick Children are available in-person, by webcast or OTN videoconferencing.



With presenter Chaya Kulkarni (BAA, M.Ed, Ed.D)
Director, Infant Mental Health Promotion


Practitioners working with infants and children under three are in a unique position to support and provide optimal responsiveness to a child’s needs during this incredibly sensitive period of growth and development, and to promote healthy social and emotional outcomes throughout that individual’s lifespan. The earlier we identify developmental concerns and the earlier we respond with appropriate supports and services the more likely we are to positively influence a child’s developmental – mental and physical – outcomes. In order to do this, every professional working with young children needs a strong understanding of infant mental health – what it is, how it develops, how it is influenced and implications for a child’s development when mental health is vulnerable in the early years.

This one day workshop will provide an overview of basic principles related to infant mental health and how this information is applicable to different professional settings and roles involved in caring for and serving this age group. Early learning and care practitioners (ECE’s), home visitors, and child welfare workers in particular need to understand the impact of a young child’s experiences on their mental health and emerging sense of self.

This workshop is a first step in understanding the importance of social, emotional and cognitive development during the first three years, and the prevention of mental health issues later in life.

We will explore key topics including:
     o Principles of Core Prevention and Intervention
     o Early Brain Development
     o Importance of Caregiving Relationships
     o Attachment and Self Regulation
     o Temperament and “Goodness of Fit”
     o Responding to Challenging Behaviours
     o Infant Cues
     o Understanding Developmental Milestones
     o and Screening for Concerns


Friday September 29, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Ave. Hollywood Theatre/ Auditorium, Toronto

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In Person: $20 IMHP Members, $25 Non-Members

Webcast: $100 IMHP Members, $125 Non Members




Not to Be Missed!

With Kim Barthel, OTR

Sensory processing inevitably affects an individual’s subjective experience and subsequent behaviours in response to sensory input. Are behaviour issues a result of neuropsychological limitations in sensory processing or a manifestation of social and emotional experiences? Traditionally, practice models have attempted to isolate these two features as separate contributions of functional performance, however when viewed holistically, both are integrated and overlapping aspects of human behaviour that affect each other, for better or worse.

Discriminating skills and tools are necessary for practitioners working with infants and young children to identify the basis of complex behavioural issues. When sensory issues are at play, distinct strategies can be used to improve the quality of experience for both the child and caregiver.

The workshop is based upon cutting edge research bridging translational research from the fields of neuro-science, occupational therapy, psychology and trauma psychiatry to provide an understanding of the integrated neurobiology of sensory processing and emotional/behavioural problems resulting in “challenging behaviour”. Participants will come to understand where sensation and mental health concerns entwine on the integrated sensory-emotional continuum. This understanding, in turn, will allow for easier intervention planning and treatment strategies specific to the home and child care environment which are based upon active analysis of identified behavioural concerns.

This presentation will enable participant to:About Kim Barthel
• Describe the neurobiology of challenging behaviour
• Distinguish between sensory, emotional and cognitive components of behaviour
• Analyze various overlapping contributions to behaviour problems
• Integrate theories of intervention into a holistic approach to complex behaviours
• Develop treatment techniques, relationship-building tools and dialoguing skills with young children with complex needs and their caregivers.


Thursday November 23, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


SickKids, Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, 686 Bay St, Toronto ,ON - Event Room 1



In Person: $120 IMHP Members, $150 Non-Members

Webcast: $400 IMHP Members, $500 Non Members




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Hand in Hand 3 Day Training

IMHP is available to provide on site agency training on a range of topics including:

The Basics of Infant Mental Health 

Screening and Observation using the ASQ Tools


The Hand in Hand Developmental Support Planning Model


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