The purpose of IMPRINT- The Newsletter of Infant Mental Health Promotion is to disseminate information to professionals from a variety of disciplines and to paraprofessionals on issues related to the well-being of infants and their families. IMPRINT is unique in its scope in Canada. It has allowed local professionals and resources to share information on their work and research with others, and offers practical information to those establishing or expanding programs. This electronic archive contains the first 50 volumes of IMPRINT as they were originally published, providing a written history of both IMHP and the field of infant mental health, in searchable pdf format. Search the table of contents, individual issues, or the entire disc by title, author, topic, keyword or phrase.  This disc is a valuable addition to any library and includes all of the articles below and many others on similar topics.

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Note: As of 2017 IMHP is no longer producing the IMPRINT Newsletter. Moving forward we will be focusing efforts on creating new resources for members:

  • an annual publication highlighting the activities of IMHP and our Partners and members,
  • topic briefs
  • training resources, and
  • advocacy tools.

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Infant Trauma

Adolescent Parenting


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