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With Comfort, Play & Teach, the science of early childhood development is translated into activities and experiences that are practical, easy-to-understand and easy to do to help you support your child’s development. You’ll find these activities at every developmental stage.

Knowing your child’s typical skills and her emerging skills can help you provide appropriate experiences to enhance her development. And Comfort, Play & Teach™ is just the place to start.

Each child develops at their own pace, with some skills emerging early, and others appearing later. So delight in who your child is, and discover how you can have fun as you go through each stage of this amazing growth together. Parents are their child’s first teacher, and will benefit from discovering strategies for stimulating their child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn.  Parents will find that as their collaboration with educators and other care providers becomes stronger, so does their child’s enjoyment of exploring new experiences and possibilities for learning.  

On this page, IMHP will continue to build the Comfort, Play & Teach library of resources, new activities and strategies to support your child's development through the early years.

CPT - Activity Programs

These useful guides provide activities, songs and play time suggestions to conduct a simple parent-child engagement program, to enhance a child care centre’s program plan, or to share with parents as information sheets.

Each CPT Activity Program is broken down into learning area themed sessions each containing:

1.  An overview of the learning area (Language, Math, Music etc.) and
     how this is important to a child’s development.

2.  A Greeting Song to begin each session

3.  Finger Plays, Rhymes, and Bounces that can be incorporated into circle time

4.  A Brief Activity

5.  A Movement and Relaxation Activity

6.  Good-bye Song to end each session

7.  A Top Ten List of Activities to Support Development

8.  A Comfort, Play and Teach Checklist

Infant Activity Guide Cover

Toddler Activity Guide CoverPreschool Activity Guide Cover

Age Specific Activities for Healthy Development

0 - 6 months

7 - 9 months

10 - 12 months

 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

 Baby's Fingers, Baby's Toes



 Tactile Treasures
 Tender Touch

First Impressions

 Bouncing Babies

 Fill and Empty, Stack and Sort

Where's My Toy

 Family Photos

 Mystery Box Finger Play

13 - 18 months

19 - 24 months

25 - 30 months

  Who's That

 Bath Math

 Bottles Blankets and Bears

 Family Member Finger Play

 Nesting Bowls and
Stacking Cups

Teddy Bear Tea Party

 Snow Ball Rhyme

 Show Me What You Do

 Precious Prints

 If You're Happy and
You Know It

 Finger Family,
Where Are You?

 Bathing Babies

Book Talk 

My Feelings Book

My Special Day

One, Two, Buckle My ___

Playdough Party

Precious Prints

31 - 36 months 

Bouncy Butter

Crazy Goop

I Can Dress Myself

Number Puzzles

People Puppets

Ring Around The Rosy

Sleeping Bunny

 3 - 4 Years
Body Tracing

Books Babies and Bears

Bread Dough Buddies

Collection Collage

Hug Tag

Lemonade Stand

Magical Me Mobile

Mix and Match Sound Shakers

Really Rolly Polly Cookies

Roots and Shoots

Seriously Silly Stories

Shapes and Sizes Necklaces

Teaching Teddy Bears

This is How it Feels When

Tommy Thumb Finger Play

Where Does This Go

4 - 5 Years

Animal Feelings

Building with Beautiful Junk

Chilly Dilly Cucumber Soup

Doctor's Office

Feely Bag Game

Grocery Store I Spy

Hide and Seek

Instant Orchestra

Magazine Mysteries

My Feeling Booklet

Obstacle Course

Painted Box Playhouse

Pattern Matching

Very Blueberry Muffins 


Click the links below to download the full collections of activities by age range.


Infant Activities (0 - 18 Months)
Toddler Activities (19 - 36 Months)
Preschooler (3 - 5 Years)

**More Activities to come!

FULL SETS of CPT Resources 

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CPT Resource Binders.

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 CPT Activities_By Age Range
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 CPT Ages & Stages Milestones
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 CPT Summer Activity Guide
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Individual Activities and specific CPT Ages & Stages are still available too.

Enjoy the summer with your child! Check out these activities that support your child's development.

See the Summer Activity Chart for a list of all of the activities the Summer Activity Guide!

Awesome Art

Back to School

Beating the Heat

Dazzling Dinosaurs

Fantastic Food

Indoor Outdoor Games Galore

Noticing Nature

 Puppets Rhymes and Story time

Spectacular Outer Space

The transitions when a child begins child care and school for the first time can be tough on the whole family. 

These Survival Guides have great tips, checklists and information to help you all manage the new routines and making sure your child is ready for new learning adventures.


When Your Child Attends DAY CARE for the First Time

When Your Child Attends KINDERGARTEN for the First Time

Education Resources - LINKS

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Comfort, Play & Teach (CPT) materials have been created by experts through Invest in Kids and are jointly hosted by the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families and IMHP.