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IMHP Committees and Governance


  • To review direction, philosophy, mission, vision and oversee representation of relevant sectors at Steering Committee
  • To oversee the operational and financial activities of IMHP and report to the Steering committee 
  • To propose and recommend plans to the Steering Committee regarding Task forces and committees needed to reach objectives
  • Establishing relationships with other organizations and government Advocacy for change 
  • Lead the process for performance reviews of Director 
  • To oversee and support the work of the Director


Jean-Victor Wittenberg, Infant Psychiatry, The Hospital for Sick Children (IMHP Co-Chair)
Cynthia Alutis, Child Development Institute (IMHP Co-Chair)
Mary Rella, Thistletown Regional Health Centre (Education Co-Chair)
Brenda Packard, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (Infant Mental Health and Family Law Initiative Chair)
Margaret Leslie, Mothercraft, Breaking the Cycle



  • To recommend and approve conceptual, philosophical and structural principles
  • To provide direction and guidance for committee activities 
  • To review and approve committee recommendations or proposals 
  • To review and approve IMHP’s budget 
  • To review and coordinate recommendations from Committees re: their membership


(Co-Chair) Margaret Leslie, Mothercraft, Breaking the Cycle
(Co-Chair) Jean Wittenberg, The Hospital for Sick Children, Dept. of Psychiatry

Cynthia Alutis
, Child Development Institute
Chetan Bahri, Ministry of Community and Social Services
Beverley Cesar Nova, Toronto Children's Services
Sherry Beaton, Algoma Family Services
Leona Corniere,  Yukon Child Development Centre
Malini Dave, The Hospital for Sick Children, Emergency Medicine
Hiltrud Dawson, Best Start/ Health Nexus
Zaheeda Daya, Toronto Public Health
Susan Dundas, Child Psychiatrist
Lee Hinton,
Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
Jane Kenny, Rosalie Hall
Brigitte Lapointe, Association of Early Interventionists, New Brunswick
Wendy McAllister, Health Nexus
Donna McIlroy, Peel Children's Centre
Brenda Packard, Chidren's Aid Society of Toronto
Rebecca Pillai-Riddell, York University, OUCH Lab
Mary Rella, Skylark
Blanca Serrano, Public Health Agency of Canada
Rachel Skinner,
Aisling Discoveries Child & Family Centre
Francine Umulisa, Ministry of Children and Youth Services



  • To plan training programs according to needs identified, ensuring sensitivity to diverse socio-economic and cultural groups


(Chair) Mary Rella, Skylark
Anna Baas Anderson, Sheridan College
Heather Bartlett, Daybreak Parent Child Centre
Anju Dhawan, Toronto Public Health
Mary Fisher, Seneca College
Lee Ford-Jones, The Hospital for Sick Children, Social Pediatrics
Christina Gray-Hall, Catholic Children's Aid Society
Sharon Lorber, The Hospital for Sick Children, Social Work
Susan Mace, Region of Durham Health Department
Janet MacQuarrie, Blue Hills Child & Family
Erin O'Dacre, Durham Family Resources
Anna Patola, Humber College, Early Childhood Education
Gina Spratt, Infant and Child Development Services-Niagara
Mireille St.Jean, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa, Family Physician
Marlyn Wall, Ontario Assocations of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS)
Roxanne Young, Halton Region Public Health



  • To critically review in a timely way articles submitted and to make suggestions on style, grammar, spelling, organization, headings etc. so that articles are easy to read and follow
  • To ensure that the content is theoretically credible, where possible evidence based, and suitable for IMHP readers 
  • To make suggestions for adaptations needed 
  • To ensure that articles contain no statements that might be considered libelous, inflammatory, racist, sexist, etc in their language 
  • To suggest articles and authors.


Susan Berry, Peel Children’s Centre

Eileen Keith, Surrey Place Centre

Kathy Moran, Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society

Mary Jean Watson, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit


Chaya Kulkarni, Director,
(416) 813-6062  e-mail:

Donna Hill
, Communication and Events
(416) 813-7654 x 207205 e-mail:


Annie Gelibolyan, Administrator
(416) 813-7654 x 201082 e-mail:

Karine Collette,
Project Coordinator and French Language Supports
(416) 813-7654 x 228185  email:


Nisreen Khambati, Project Coordinator

(416) 813-7654 x 202836  email: